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Volunteers Needed: The Rural Community Builders of Oregon and Siskiyou County Facebook Group needs regular content contributors.
Join the Rural Community Building Movement! If you are passionate about rural community building and celebrating Rural Community Builders (RCB’s), people who make a difference in rural communities, please join the Movement and share questions, tips/ resources, upcoming opportunities, and showcase activities within your community!
Volunteers can post once a week, month, or as opportunities arise.
Have ideas for growing the RCB movement and want to join the RCB Team? Message us through the FB group. We’d love to hear from you!

In 2021, over 150 people from throughout Oregon and Siskiyou County, CA were recognized, celebrated, and honored as Rural Community Builders for making their community a better place through and the Rural Community Builders Facebook group

A rural community builder (RCB) is someone who cares about their community and takes action to make it better. Their community could be the whole city, a neighborhood, an interest or a park. Everyone is a community builder in their own way. And some go above and beyond, time after time.
-It’s the food bank volunteer working to keep the shelves stocked.
-And the community vision coordinator trying to create an inclusive vision where all voices are heard.
-And the business owner who you can count on to donate to community efforts.
-And the neighbor who always lends a hand.
In a kind moment, short-term projects or long-term goals, RCB’s help bring people together to learn new skills, take community-led action and nurture a sense of community pride and grit.

About Rural Community Builders of Oregon and Siskiyou County Facebook Group:
This group is for all passionate advocates for rural people and rural places in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. It is an open space where rural advocates can tell their stories, share resources, celebrate wins, reflect on losses, ask questions, share knowledge, develop relationships, and expand and improve the pool of resources available to our rural communities.

The conversation that happens in this group is rooted in a few core beliefs:
First, we believe that real and lasting change wells up from within communities.
Second, we believe that everyone has a role to play in community change. Community-building isn’t just for professionals. You are a community builder.
Finally, while we believe that communities should lead and guide the change they wish to see, we also believe that no one has to go it alone. We seek to be rooted in our particular places, while also staying linked to other passionate rural champions. This is the ecology of resilient and flourishing rural communities.

Inclusivity: This is a space where diverse ideas are welcome and encouraged. We want to involve people broadly, fully, and respectfully. We also want to involve many segments of our communities. The discussion should remain respectful.
Generosity: This is a space for generous conversation. Discussions are intended to be focused around ideas, skills, stories, hopes, and opportunities for engagement. It’s not intended to be driven by any one particular organization, program, voice, or “brand”.
Shared Ownership: This space is intended for community members to step up and share ownership and leadership.
• Examples: Does anyone know who funds youth programs in Eastern Oregon? Does anyone have experience changing the code for downtown murals? Is anyone going to the Regards to Rural conference and want to carpool?
• Examples: Here is a great article I read on rural leadership. Here is a list of funders I’ve put together who fund rural economic development. I just read “Sharing the Rock” from the Select Book list, anyone want to discuss? I just read the Community Vitality article on mentorship, and here is what I think…
Upcoming opportunities
• Example: Here is a link to the upcoming Non-profit Leaders Conference. Check out this cool webinar next week. The deadline to apply for the American Leadership Forum is next Tuesday, here is the link.
Showcase of activities within your community

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